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KHOMO GEAR Best Portable Projector Screens in Spain (Top 10)

We are so happy that 3 of our projector screens have made it to the top 10 list for Spain! We would love to hear your comments and how you enjoy our projector screens with friends and family or at the office. 

Estamos muy contentos de lograr que 3 de nuestras pantallas para proyector han llegado a la lista de las mejores 10 pantallas portátiles para proyectores en España. Gracias a nuestros clientes por esas excelentes valoraciónes, sobre todo en


Amazon Newsroom - Europe

“Amazon Business has helped us become more efficient in serving our B2B customers in the international marketplace, while increasing the visibility of our KHOMO Accessories brand on Amazon, both in the UK and Germany. We can safely say that Amazon Business has been a resounding success for us,” explain CEOs of Electrostore S.L., an international distribution company located in Valencia, Spain.