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About Us

ELECTROSTORE is an international distributor and holding company specialized in e-commerce and wholesale of various product categories such as Electronics Accessories, Pet Accessories, Home and Garden, Sports and Outdoor, and more. We hold exclusive rights to our product´s brand trademarks and we distribute our products in Europe and the rest of the world through several strategic marketplaces.

As an international distributor of exclusive product brands, we are always researching and developing new and innovative products to introduce into the market, with one very important matter always in mind, our customers, our friends. 

Our company started in 2001 with retail kiosks at a few malls in the US and with one goal: "To learn from our customers." We strongly believe this learning experience is the key factor for our sustained success. 

Throughout the last 22 years we have been able to increase and strengthen our customer relations by providing durable, high-quality products that satisfy our customers needs. Understanding and fulfilling our customers' high expectations has allowed us to successfully place and sell thousands of products in different retail and online markets around the world. 

Our growth has been exponential in the last 10 years, but whether we're moving into a new 200,000sq ft warehouse in Miami or opening new offices in Europe. We will continue to put our customers first by offering new and top selling products in the best marketplaces like Amazon.

We are an ever-changing and proactive company that strives to offer the best products for the best people, our loyal friends around the world!
For information regarding general questions, B2C orders, B2B quotes, product specs or more, please contact us at: